Book Builder

Simple and easy-to-use.

Create, publish and track your call sheets.

iOS App

Deliver your call sheets via our free iOS App. We will also send via email and pdf to ensure everyone gets their call sheet. We automatically track read-receipts.

Production Network & Crew Finder

Import and manage your crew contacts. You can send/receive referrals from your trusted industry contacts.

Create, Publish & Track
Automatic read-receipts

Our easy-to-use prepro book builder integrates seamlessly with your crew network.

Just drag-and-drop your crew members into your book.

Your crew does not need to be members of PREPRO in order to be added to the book.  Simply add a “Blank Tab” and we’ll save them to your network for next time.

Drag & Drop Call Sheet
A simple way to arrange your document.

Drag crew from your network directly into your book.

Use the “Blank Tab” to add new users to the book.

Push Notifications, Emails & PDFs

Everyone will receive an email and attached PDF when you publish your book.

PREPRO members can use the free iOS App and will receive push notifications.

You do not need to be a member of PREPRO to receive a call sheet.

Download our free iOS App
Our app provides interactive functionality to all call sheets.
Call Sheet Summary

Your personalized call sheet.

Navigate to set

Launch your preferred navigation from within the app. We'll automatically enter the address.

Detailed Book

We'll summarize the shoot info for you, but you can still access the full call sheet from within the app.

Dark Sky Report™

Up-to-date weather reports.

Call Sheet Archive

If you ever need to find a name, contact info or invoice details you'll be able to search for the Call Sheet within the app.

Android App

Coming soon...

Monthly subscription options
We offer a generous free tier for small productions, and affordable service for larger jobs.


  • CheckiOS app
  • CheckCrew finder
  • CheckPrepro book builder
  • CheckUnlimited people per book
  • CheckCustom logo upload


  • CheckPrepro book builder
  • CheckiOS app
  • CheckCrew finder
  • CheckCustom logo upload
  • CheckUnlimited people per book
Available in the App Store.
Android coming soon...
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