Creating a book Login > Books > Create Book Give your book a title Select your start date Select your wrap date Select a general call time Enter a description of your shoot Adding a location Enter a title for your location. Enter the address of the location (The weather section of your call sheet will now automatically complete using this information). Add notes and parking details for your crew.  This will also be included in[...]

Freelance This is our free tier. You can create unlimited call sheets each. However, there is a limit of 10 people per call sheet. Producer This is our unlimited tier.  You can create add as many people as you want to your call sheets. You can also upload a custom logo to your call sheet. New features We are a new company and evolving rapidly.  We have lots of useful features coming in the future. If[...]

How do I create an account? To create an account simply visit the link below and follow our step-by-step registration process. https://my.prepro.io/ Why do you need to know my work locations? PREPRO's foundation is our production network. It is your private database of the people that you work with. It also allows you to refer your trusted crew members to others, but in order to find them, you need to collect some basic information. Why do[...]

What does PREPRO mean? PREPRO is an industry term that is an abbreviation of "PRE-PRODUCTION". Prepro happens in the stages leading up to the production shoot dates and is where a lot of time and effort goes into making things run smoothly. Whether you are a photographer producing your own shoots, or a producer running a crew of 200 people, PREPRO will make your life easier. What is a Call Sheet? A call sheet is used to[...]


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