I was an awkward teenager and the idea of having this tool to say something with was like…a lightning bolt from above.

Biography I grew up in Tokyo until I was sixteen years old. I came to the US as an exchange student while I was in high school. Originally I wanted to become a writer but ended up finding my voice in photography. After college, I assisted various photographers for 6 years and started photographing editorial portraiture in San Francisco. These days I mostly work in advertising shooting still-life and people. My work tends to be playful,[…]

Biography Alanna Hale is a photographer and generally food-obsessed individual living in San Francisco with one very handsome man and one very handsome English bulldog. Motivated by the desire to consume allllll the good things–be it good food, good people, good conversation, great adventure–she views the camera as a means to connect and stay curious.With an unfussy, collaborative approach, Alanna’s images are rich, real and layered, offering the viewer a glimpse of the ‘inside’ – whatever[…]

Biography I’m half of a photography duo named Kremer Johnson. (Neil Kremer and Cory Johnson) We specialize in conceptual imagery. As a partnership, we’re able to share responsibilities as well as take advantage of each person’s unique skills. This formula has been working from day one. My first 23 years were spent in Rochester, NY (the home of Kodak) where, like most kids there, I learned the history of photography as well as my way around[…]


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